maintenance Maintaining Your DMS Suspension Being able to provide consistent performance over many years of use is virtually  impossible to do without regular care and maintenance on any performance  orientated unit.   ‘’DMS is proud to be able to offer their customers an alternative with the re-grease kits that  are user friendly and help to extend overhaul times if used regularly. This avoids having to  scrap an entire unit and replace it with a new one. Service intervals may vary from user to  user depending on driving style and conditions. ‘’The answer depends on a lot of variables. No TWO struts will require exactly the same  interval between maintenance. There are simply too many factors affecting the time  between services such as: The type of climate conditions: hot, cold, snow, salt, dust, etc.   The different types of surfaces: asphalt, gravel, rough roads, snow, ice, street, etc.   The type of driving: hard acceleration, rally, solo, auto-x, hard braking, etc.   ‘’All these factors will play into determining time between regular maintenance and  servicing. More important than time between is to identify the symptoms needing to be  addressed and being able to associate them with a corrective action. Again, not all struts  are the same, but it is NEVER a bad idea to remove, inspect and re-grease or even send for  strut body servicing if required at least on a yearly basis. ‘’Some symptoms of struts needing attention can vary from slight squeaking sounds, all the  way to an insert not travelling at all. Maybe some minor clunking sounds, or even excessive  overheating of the piston resulting in fading of the rebound and bump controls. When  driving the vehicle, it may feel like the strut is lagging in its reaction time, not absorbing  the bumps and hits as it should. It is important however for all end users to remember the  following: ‘’‘A well maintained set of suspension will last for many years before needing any sort  of major replacement, but one that is not will break down and fail prematurely. ‘ ‘’The nice thing about ALL DMS products is that they can be fully re-built. All of the parts  can be replaced without replacing the entire assembly. ‘’This sets DMS apart from many competitors where you must replace the entire assemblies  when they wear. Our complete rebuilds restore the shocks to near-brand new condition and  at a fraction of the cost to replace them. Over time this translates to a lower cost of  ownership.  ‘’Specially formulated DMS Grease, seals, adjusters, and stickers can all be purchased from  your local distributor. Full rebuilds are now performed at the DMS North America facility  where in the past they were shipped back to DMS Australia. ‘’DMS strut assembly maintenance / servicing can go from just taking the units off of the car, removing the insert from the body, inspecting them for straightness, cracks, scratches, then cleaning out the tube and re-packing it with DMS formulated grease and seal. A complete INSERT rebuild is at the other end of the scale and includes replacement of the gas piston, new oil, valve assembly, etc.       The three types of maintenance most encountered for all DMS units are as follows . Body Re-greasing Kit: The parts included in this kit are DMS formulated grease, seals, trademark stickers and nylon lock nut. During this servicing, all components are inspected for abnormal wear and straightness, all parts cleaned and reassembled ready for new alignment. This kit is designed for the end user and comes complete with instructions so that the units do not have to be sent back to the service facility all the time. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS SUPPLIED WITH THE KIT. Body Service Kit #2: This kit includes all the components of the re-greasing kit plus two new bushes per strut body, lock nut, and red bump adjuster cap. Adjuster maintenance and cleaning as well as insert dyno testing and inspection. This is something that requires special tools and training to do properly and is recommended ONLY by authorised personnel. Rebuild Kit: This kit only services the strut insert, NOT THE BODY. Parts included are shaft and valving assembly, wear band, gas piston assembly, gland pack assembly, circlips, bump cap, rebound spacer, nylon lock nut as well as bump adjuster and protective red cap. Prices are different for 40mm, 50mm, and 60mm COPYRIGHT TO DRUMMOND MOTOR SPORT DESIGNED BY DMS Proudly Owned, Designed and Manufactured in Australia