3 & 4 way product description The 3 & 4 way shock absorber/strut is designed with the DMS high flow piston, which allows excellent control and tuning ability. With the extra bump adjustment on high speed, this ensures even more tuning ability. This combined with the unique DMS adjustment system makes the 3 & 4 way shock absorber the perfect choice for the bigger budget customers and teams. The 3 & 4 way comes with high shaft speed adjustment and low shaft speed adjustment on compression (bump), as well as rebound adjustment (on the shaft). The high and low speed adjustment is located on the canister, and the rebound adjustment is located on the shaft. The materials used in the manufacture of the shock absorber/strut are of the highest quality available. The shaft and main shock body/strut tube are 4130 Chrome Moly. The strut body is also made of 4130 Chrome Moly in combination with the new style aluminium strut bracket with built in camber system. The canister and aluminium parts are made of 7075 quality alloy. All aluminium parts are hard anodised to give the best durability in the harsh conditions of motor sport. This design suits vehicles with limited space between the strut tower and bonnet. NOTE: The 3 & 4 way adjustable suspension is also available with remote or piggy back canister. The bump low speed has 20 clicks The bump high speed has 20 clicks The low speed rebound has 20 clicks The high speed rebound has 4 positions. There are 20 clicks available for each 4 positions of the high speed. In total there are 80 clicks available on rebound This gives a huge range of fine adjustment increments. The rebound adjustment is located on the shaft , the bump adjustments are all on the canister. This system gives maximum traction and also stability through the range of shaft speeds used at any particular track or gravel surface. It enables the team to get the best set up within a very short time. Therefore cutting down test time and cost. The remote canister system has a big bore high flow hose and fittings manufactured by DMS to ensure highest flow possible. This system also comes with multi swivel joint for the hose fitting at the top of the strut insert. This assists with the fitting and locating the DMS canister. COPYRIGHT TO DRUMMOND MOTOR SPORT DESIGNED BY DMS Proudly Owned, Designed and Manufactured in Australia