top mounts product description TOP MOUNTS (adjustable) DMS adjustable top mounts are our unique design  which  allows easy adjustment with fixed reference points from the left side to right side. Add one hole or remove another, the setting  will be the same each side. It is not necessary to measure,  align or “clamp” the unit in place. The adjuster plate is  permanently locked in place with any one bolt. With this concept it is less likely that the customer can strip or  break bolts and not be able to make any adjustments. Using exclusive pilo bearings with an interior teflon coating  minimises knocking or rattling noises commonly found in rigid  top mounts. TOP MOUNTS  DMS Group N legal top mounts available for many make and  models.  Contact DMS distributor for product range available  COPYRIGHT TO DRUMMOND MOTOR SPORT DESIGNED BY DMS Proudly Owned, Designed and Manufactured in Australia