50mm catalogue PART NO:                            MODEL    APPLICATION BMW DCS-BMW-M3-50A                           M3      NT DCS-BMW-Z3-50A                            Z3      NT DCS-BMW-E36-50A                          E36      NT FERRARI DCS-FER-355-50A 355     NT FORD DCS-FORD-FOC-50A FOCUS     NT/NG DCS-FORD-LAS-50A LASER     NT/NG DCS-FORD-BA-50A BA     NT/NG DCS-FORD-ESC-50A ESCORT          NT/NG HOLDEN DCS-COM-VT(L)-00A VT     NT/NG DCS-COM-VT(I)-50A VT (IRS)     NT/NG DCS-COM-VL(I)-50A VL (IRS)     NT/NG DCS-COM-VS(I)-50A VS (IRS)     NT/NG DCS-COM-VY(I)-50A VY (IRS)     NT/NG DCS-COM-VZ-50A VZ     NT/NG DCS-COM-VX(I)-50A VX (IRS)     NT/NG DCS-COM-VE-50A VE     NT/NG DCS-HOL-MON-50A MONARO     NT/NG HONDA DCS-HON-EG6-50A EG6     NT/NG DCS-HON-EK4-50A EK4     NT/NG DCS-HON-EK9-50A EK9     NT/NG DCS-HON-DC2-50A DC2     NT/NG DCS-HON-DC5-50A DC5     NT/NG DCS-HON-RSX-50A RSX     NT/NG DCS-HON-S2000-50A S2000     NT/NG DCS-HON-INT-50A INTEGRA     NT/NG DCS-HON-CIV-50A CIVIC 2009     NT/NG HYUNDAI DCS-HYU-ACC-50A ACCENT     NT/NG DCS-HYU-EXC-50A EXCEL     NT/NG DCS-HYU-LAN-50A LANTRA     NT/NG DCS-HYU-GETZ-50A GETZ     NT/NG DCS-HYU-VEL-50A                           VELOSTER      NT/NG KIA DCS-KIA-RIO-50A RIO     NT/NG DCS-KIA-PRIDE-50A PRIDE     NT/NG MAZDA DCS-MAZ-323B-50A 323B     NT/NG DCS-MAZ-323G-50A 323G     NT/NG DCS-MAZ-PRO-50A PROTÉGÉ     NT/NG DCS-MAZ-RX7-50A RX7     NT/NG DCS-MAZ-RX8-50A RX8     NT/NG DCS-MAZ-3-50A          3     NT/NG MITSUBISHI DCS-MIT-VR4-50A VR4     NT/NG DCS-MIT-ECL-50A ECLIPSE     NT/NG DCS-MIT-EVO1-50A EVO 1     NT/NG DCS-MIT-EVO2-50A EVO 2     NT/NG DCS-MIT-EVO3-50A EVO 3     NT/NG DCS-MIT-EVO4-50A EVO 4     NT/NG DCS-MIT-EVO5-50A EVO 5     NT/NG DCS-MIT-EVO6-50A EVO 6     NT/NG DCS-MIT-EVO7-50A EVO 7     NT/NG DCS-MIT-EVO8-50A EVO 8     NT/NG DCS-MIT-EVO9-50A EVO 9     NT/NG DCS-MIT-EVOX-50A EVO 10     NT/NG DCS-MIT-MIR-50A MIRAGE     NT/NG DCS-MIT-VRX-CE-50A          VRX CE     NT/NG DCS-MIT-VRX-CS-50A          VRX CS     NT/NG DCS-MIT-CED-50A CEDIA     NT/NG NISSAN DCS-PUL2-N13-50A N13 (2WD)     NT/NG DCS-PUL4-N13-50A N13 (4WD)      NT/NG DCS-PUL2-N14-50A N14 (2WD)     NT/NG DCS-PUL4-N14-50A N14 (4WD)      NT/NG DCS-PUL2-N15-50A N15 (2WD)     NT/NG DCS-PUL4-N15-50A N15 (4WD)     NT/NG DCS-SIL-S13-50A SILVIA S13    NT/NG DCS-SIL-S14-50A SILVIA S14    NT/NG DCS-SKY-R32-50A GTR 32     NT/NG DCS-SKY-R33-50A GTR 33     NT/NG DCS-SKY-R34-50A GTR 34     NT/NG DCS-NIS-350Z-50A 350Z     NT/NG DCS-NIS-200SX-50A 200SX     NT/NG PEUGEOT DCS-PEU-206-50A 206     NT/NG DCS-PEU-306-50A 306     NT/NG DCS-PEU-405-50A 405     NT/NG PORSCHE DCS-POR-944T-50A 944T     NT DCS-POR-964-50A 964     NT DCS-POR-993-50A 993     NT DCS-POR-GT3-50A GT3     NT PROTON DCS-PRO-GTI-50A Gti     NT/NG DCS-PRO-WIRA-50A WIRA     NT/NG DCS-PRO-NEO-50A NEO     NT/NG DCS-PRO-SAT-50A SATRIA     NT/NG DCS-PRO-GEN2-50A GEN 2     NT/NG SEAT DCS-SEAT-IBI-50A IBIZA     NT/NG DCS-SEAT-LEON-50A LEON     NT/NG SUBARU DCS-SUB-WRX-50A GC WRX     NT/NG DCS-SUB-WRX(2)-50A           GD     NT/NG DCS-SUB-WRX(2)RA-50A GD RA     NT/NG DCS-SUB(03)-50A 03     NT/NG DCS-SUB(04)-50A 04     NT/NG DCS-SUB(05)-50A 05     NT/NG DCS-SUB(06)-50A 06     NT/NG DCS-SUB(07)-50A 07     NT/NG DCS-SUB-MY08-50A MY08     NT/NG DCS-SUB-MY09-50A MY09     NT/NG DCS-SUB-MY10-50A MY10     NT/NG DCS-SUB-SVX-50A SVX     NT/NG DCS-SUB-LIB-50A LIBERTY     NT/NG DCS-SUB-FOR-50A FORESTER      NT/NG SUZUKI DCS-SUZ-BAL-50A BALENO     NT/NG DCS-SUZ-Gti-50A Gti     NT/NG DCS-SUZ-SW-50A SWIFT     NT/NG TOYOTA DCS-TOY-AE82-50A AE82     NT/NG DCS-TOY-AE92-50A AE92     NT/NG DCS-TOY-AE101-50A AE101     NT/NG DCS-TOY-AE110-50A AE110     NT/NG DCS-TOY-AE111-50A AE111     NT/NG DCS-TOY-ST165-50A ST165     NT/NG DCS-TOY-ST185-50A ST185     NT/NG DCS-TOY-ST205-50A ST205     NT/NG DCS-TOY-CEL-GTS-50A CELICA GTS   NT/NG DCS-TOY-ZZE-50A ZZE     NT/NG DCS-TOY-STAR-50A STARLET     NT/NG DCS-TOY-YAR-50A YARIS     NT/NG VOLKSWAGEN DCS-VW-MK1-50A MK1    NT/NG DCS-VW-MK2-50A MK2    NT/NG DCS-VW-MK3-50A MK3    NT/NG DCS-VW-MK4-50A MK4    NT/NG DCS-VW-POL-50A POLO    NT/NG DCS-VW-JET-50A JETTA    NT/NG DCS-VW-BEE-50A BEETLE    NT/NG COPYRIGHT TO DRUMMOND MOTOR SPORT DESIGNED BY DMS Proudly Owned, Designed and Manufactured in Australia