Products DMS first designed and manufactured the 50mm suspension system in  1988. Testing and tuning has continued and now has produced DMS's most  successful product - the two-way adjustable damping shock absorber. This  adjustable shock absorber has been used in production car motor sports.  This DMS high performance 50mm shock absorber has one of the largest  pistons available in a shock absorber.  This gives superior control, more  precise tuning due to larger displacement and pressure areas and precise  adjustment on bump and rebound independently.  The larger the piston area the lower the internal operating pressures and  temperatures. This provides higher damping capabilities which are  necessary in severe rally or race competition. Compared to conventional  shock absorbers the DMS Giant 50mm has over 200% improved accuracy  and control.  Product Description: DMS Aluminium shell case. Made of Aircraft grade high strength  Aluminium. Threaded and Fitted with screw- adjustable anodised  aluminium spring seat and lock nut.  Competition specification mounting brackets with adjustable camber  system fitted to the bracket. 50mm shock absorber system with high flow competition design piston  with defined adjustable bump and rebound settings. DMS only use special  formulated racing shock absorber fluid.  COPYRIGHT TO DRUMMOND MOTOR SPORT DESIGNED BY DMS Proudly Owned, Designed and Manufactured in Australia