unique features Piston Porting: advanced large capacity piston porting. Bore size: single tube large diameter shock absorber bore for lower operating pressures and temperatures. Damping oil: our unique formula can withstand even the highest temperatures and the most severe conditions of competition. Seals and o rings: performance designed high temperature compositions. Shim stack design: the most critical performance feature that is a science in itself. Cylinder bore: critical tolerance design and detailed manufacturing techniques. Cylinder shaft: superior quality shaft material composition and high quality surface area hard chroming. Strut body bracket: a unique design. Screw on aluminium bracket exceptionally strong with camber adjustment system built in. Piston ring: specially designed and formulated to handle high temperature but still giving a low co efficient of friction break away. Guide bushes: low co-efficient of friction. Grease: expressly formulated to accommodate the critical applications of heat and wear. Bracketing: that exceeds even the most stringent manufacturers specifications.  Spring seats: a combination of a high yield alloy, that is process hardened. Springs: a unique process of thermal tempering and forming, shot peening and scragging.  Bump rubber: intense memory formulated polymer based composition. Testing: DMS products are dyno tested and documented performance characteristic profiles are provided for all products. Fully adjustable: DMS Shock Absorbers are produced with both bump and rebound damping adjustment indipendently through a single shaft, allowing easy operation, with the DMS 50mm. The 3 & 4 Way with low speed bump- 20 clicks, high speed bump- 20 clicks, low speed rebound- 20 clicks, high speed rebound- 4 positions each with 20 clicks, giving a huge range in fine increments.
Proudly Owned, Designed and Manufactured in Australia COPYRIGHT TO DRUMMOND MOTOR SPORT DESIGNED BY DMS